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One stop shop for RF scanning

Real-time confirmation of each action and a direct connection with the WMS at any time and any place in the warehouse. That is what these times demand. Inther's solution for RF scanning comprise a complete and well-conceived answer to your need for a paperless warehouse. Thanks to Inther's RF scanners, your processes will run efficiently and flawlessly. The RF scanners are sturdy and meet the highest standards in wireless networking.

Benefits of RF scanning

  • No more mistakes by picking
  • Any act directly controllable
  • Realtime tracking & tracing
  • Paperless environment
  • Short payback
RF scanning
Warehouses that live off stacks of paper are no longer necessary. By supporting processes in your warehouse with RF scanning, you are improving the efficiency of your operation without any more need for paper. The result is a well-oiled process with a quick return on investment. Inther's solutions for RF scanning are setup modularly, therefore easy to adapt to your personal requirements.
Checking on location
With Inther's solutions for RF scanning, your employees have wireless scanners at their disposal. With these RF scanners they can work quickly and flawlessly in real time. Your employees receive the necessary instructions for the order picking process, step by step on the RF scanner display. By scanning the barcodes on the products and the pick locations, you can immediately check each action and thereby prevent any errors. This way, each product movement is precisely checked and supported. In other words, RF scanning is your solution for tracking and tracing.
One stop shop
Whoever opts for Inther's RF scanning solutions is bringing a one stop shop into their company. We not only provide the correct scanners and other equipment, but also manage the implementation process from A to Z. We provide a thorough facility analysis, so that we can guarantee complete RF coverage for the scanners in the warehouse. Good service is guaranteed thanks to our own in house repair center.
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