Conveying Equipment

Transport more with the technology of Inther

Inther’s conveying system

A conveyor belt is as efficient and effective as the software that controls the conveyor belts. Inther ensures that every conveyor, scanner and sensor in your warehouse does its job at the exactly right time. The components that Inther uses are strong, fast, low-maintenance, and low-noice.

We use Inther LC software for hardware independent control of a conveyor belt system. We are specialized in optimal integration of separate conveyor belts, scanners, and sensors to form a complete conveyor belt system.

If a transport unit – for example a pallet, bin, crate or box – passes a scanner or sensor, Inther LC determines what needs to be done with that transport unit within a fraction of a second. Unlike anybody else, we are able to arrange all these decision-making moments and coordinate them in such a way that the result is a highly effective and efficient conveyor system. And of course, Inther LC knows where each transport unit is at any time, enabling complete tracking and tracing.


  • Optimal combination of conveyors, scanners and sensors

  • Quick and accurate

  • Tracking & tracing

  • Maintenance and noise

  • Hardware independent

Conveying Equipment by Inther

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