5 reasons to visit Inther Group at LogiMAT 2022

After a long period of digital events and zoom-calls, Inther Group is thrilled to participate in the LogiMAT International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management. In Hall 5, Booth B50, Inther Group is welcoming everyone to experience the future of intralogistics solutions. See and experience our products, speak with our talented colleagues and take the first step in improving your intralogistics.

We are looking forward to greeting you from May 31st to June 2nd at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre! Here are 5 reasons why you should visit us.

Reason 1: Meet the team and take the first step in improving intralogistics

We would be nowhere without our talented and devoted team. At LogiMAT, you can meet the team and they can tell you all about our innovative logistics solutions. This way you can take the first step in improving your intralogistics.

Next to meeting each other, we would like to hear all about you and your company. Your warehouse is our starting point. We are convinced that the operation in your warehouse can always be improved when it comes to efficiency or quality. As new developments in warehousing continue to emerge, we keep a close eye on technical innovations and we are constantly looking for new applications. These will allow you to do your work even better, faster and more efficiently.

Our employees have a working environment that enables them to deliver outstanding performance. Moreover, they use the latest technology in the continuously changing world of automation. Together with our many years of experience, these two factors form the basis for excellent solutions in the field of warehouse automation. We are convinced that this approach is not only best for our customers, but also for our own employees.

Reason 2: We will be demonstrating the functionality of our fully automated A-Frame

Warehouses have to deal with peak times and various demands from different market channels. The A-Frame from Inther Group provides a good solution to these challenges. This is a fully automatic solution for quickly processing complex orders. This proven technology is used in pharmaceutical distribution, among other things. It collects up to five products per second per ejector, moves articles up to 1 meter per second, contains height verification, and offers the user up-to-date file management. With this solution, high quality order processing is consistently delivered and the warehouse moves smoothly and efficiently.

Inther Group is the only Dutch logistics system integrator to market the A-Frame. With the A-Frame, Inther offers flexible and modular equipment, smart software and a compact design.

The competitive differentiator and latest development for the Inther Group’s A-Frame system is the integrated PUMA (Positioning Unit Measurement Apparatus) measuring and positioning device. The measuring module moves at a speed of 1 m/s above the conveyor system, determining the number as well as the exact dimensions of the products per application shaft.

Reason 3: Experience our Goods to Person picking and the fully automated robotic picking solution GRIPP (Gantry Robotic Intelligent Piece Picker)

At LogiMAT, Inther Group will present the fully automatic picking robot GRIPP (Gantry Robotic Intelligent Piece Picker) in a comprehensive video presentation. In this presentation, the advantages of the unique picking technology are clearly highlighted. For example, the robot arm picks up to 1,200 individual products per hour – regardless of the shape of the items. Pre-sorting and buffering are eliminated. For this purpose, among other things, an adaptive approach angle has been programmed in the drive software to ensure that the gripper approaches the product at the correct angle. If you are feeling lucky, you can try to win a prize on the gripping machine at our booth!

We also have a Goods to Person system present at our booth. These systems are available in a variety of shapes and configurations. They provide a boost in order picking performance and result in increased delivery reliability. The smart workstation shows the person who fills the totes exactly what to pick and where to place the item. Inther Group has integrated a Pick to Light module, a monitor and a weight check, making the process very simple and user-friendly. Errors in the fulfillment process are virtually eliminated.

Innovatie intralogistiek Inther Group

Reason 4: Let our intelligent software improve your intralogistics

Real-time status updates and feedback from the various systems and areas in your warehouse are crucial for a successful daily operation. Given the increasing competition, the ever-shorter lead times, the growth in e-commerce and the continuing pressure on costs, the need for extensive and flexible warehouse management and information systems is greater than ever. Inther Group helps you meet these challenges by integrating the hardware and system controls with flexible and modular software.

As a system integrator, Inther Group facilitates optimal warehouse processes by implementing warehouse automation and/or mechanization. Our highly flexible Inther LC software suite is the heart of every solution. This software provides you with the powerful combination of sector-specific warehouse control and warehouse management functionality.

Thanks to its modular set-up, our 100% home-grown software is a flexible and brand-independent platform supporting all hardware. It fully integrates all warehouse functions, from receiving to shipping. Already in use in numerous warehouses throughout the world, Inther LC is the result of  25 years of R&D and customer feedback. As a further advantage, Inther LC supports everything from basic manual operations to highly dynamic systems, thus continuing to meet your needs throughout your transitional growth.

Reason 5: Meet your Full Service Partner

At Inther Group, we continue to work with you throughout the life cycle of the system. It’s all about maximizing the reliability, uptime and profit of your investment!

Service and support are one of the distinctive features of Inther Group. Our Service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Direct support from qualified service personnel ensures optimal support and the maximum availability of your system.

The commissioning of a system is the start of a long journey for Inther Service. A journey that we start together in the form of a partnership. We don’t like to talk in terms of customer and supplier, we talk in terms of partners. When your business changes, we proactively take the initiative to work with you to adapt the system to new needs. Reliability and flexibility are key factors in this.

Interested in visiting? Email us at marketing@inthergroup.com so we can arrange your free tickets!

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