Inaccurate measurements are a thing of the past!

Innovation Award MHI 2015

Have you always been looking for the ultimate measurement and weighing system? With the CubiScan, inaccurate measurements are a thing of the past!

The CubiScan allows you to quickly, easily and very accurately determine the dimensions and weight of your products. This allows you to make use of the most accurate product data in your logistics process. Using the exact dimensions and weight of every product enables you to optimize your material handling and storage systems in your warehouse.

The CubiScan is equipped to measure irregular shaped, small parts and regular shaped packaged items. Using sensor technology, the exact dimensions and weight can be determined. The data can be sent to your Warehouse Management System or ERP using a direct link. This will save a significant amount of time, effort and money.

Using the CubiScan, you can create a file which includes lines for every article in which all relevant information is shown. This file is available in various formats and can be imported batch for batch in an ERP or WMS.

Features of the CubiScan-125

– Accurate and reliable measurements
– High productivity and efficiency
– Optimal usage of the available space
– FTP connection possible
– No manual input necessary
– Mobile system
– User Friendly
– Low maintenance