Inther Group continues to expand

Expanding Inther Group

Inther Group has experienced an impressive growth in recent years. Inther Group is a Dutch system integrator and is active throughout the world. Within the Benelux, Inther posseses a good looking list which consists out of leading references in various industries, such as, for example: Hema, Bavaria, Pluripharm, Stanley Black & Decker, Veritas, DHL and Standaard Boekhandel. This variety of industries can also be found outside the Benelux; from Food in Finland (Snellman) to e-commerce in China (CNSS). Furthermore, international retailers in fashion and cosmetics such as Skechers, River Island and Estée Lauder see Inther as their preferred supplier for setting up their warehouses. It is a real ‘one-stop-shop’ for all logistic cases in which Inther takes the full responsibility for her projects. “Our solution independent position in the market, plus the fact that we are flexible, makes us unique”, says Eric van Cann, Business Development Manager at Inther.

Industry specific knowledge is decisive

“You know you’ve done your homework well when the customer recognises itself in the presented solution”, says Mr. van Cann with a smile. After a thorough data analysis this will result in a logistic design. Inther has now obtained a lot of knowledge in various industries, which results in strong logistic concepts. The fact that Inther itself is not a producer of shelves, conveyors, cranes or shuttle systems makes it without preference for the applied techniques. The building blocks which best suit the customer specific wishes will be used. In this process there will be a close cooperation with suppliers of the highest quality. Because of the many years of experience and the solution independent position, Inther is often involved in an early phase of a project to function as a sparring partner.

IntherLC – core of every solution

The Warehouse Execution System (WES) IntherLC forms the backbone of every logistic concept. Because of the modular design of this software, the project lead time of a project is shortened considerably. Control and management of various subareas in a warehouse such as zone picking, Pick by Light, AS/RS systems, sorters, shuttle systems and manual systems such as voice or RF systems within the same IntherLC is a big advantage. Van Cann: “A result of the fast-growing e-commerce industry is that customers start with a smaller manual solution to return a couple of years later for a more mechanized system”. The fact that the IntherLC software has been completely developed by Inther, makes it possible to respond fast and flexible. Next to this, the customer will pick a proven foundation including all necessary functionalities, which can subsequently be scaled up within the chosen solution.

Innovations and future

Amongst other things, Inther will provide Marchon (Eyewear) in Amsterdam Schiphol with an innovative shuttle project in the second half of 2015. “The application of the shuttle technology will bring new possibilities and there is a lot of interest for this product in the industry”, says van Cann. Inther is equipped for this. As a result of a duplication of the number of employees, Inther has moved to a new building in 2012 which is located right next to the A73 near Venray. From this building the central project implementation takes place, helped by its establishments in Antwerpen (BE), Enger (DE), Chisinau (MD), Charlotte (US) and Shanghai (CN). This new building has provided the customer service department, with a 24/7 availability, with the necessary space and facilities. Most locations within the Benelux can be reached within a period of two hours from this main office in Venray.
There are a lot of companies which make the step to an internet business (e-commerce) but which are not entirely sure yet how to organise their logistics. “Because of our many years of experience in logistic processes, combined with the flexible solutions which we can offer, I see a bright future ahead of us and we’re also continuously looking for new employees”. A recent new development is, for example, our ADA machine (Automated Document Applicator), which fully automatically prints, caches, folds and applies shipping documents to a box. Using this new innovative development, Inther wants to continue its path to unburden her customers from the close-knit distributions such as the e-commerce and fashion industries. “Despite the fact that we are growing fast, we are careful that we don’t lose our speed and flexibility, because those are the key points in which we distinguish ourselves”, van Cann concludes positively.