Inther Group and SVT Robotics announce technology partnership

Inther Group today announced a new partnership with SVT Robotics (US), whose software accelerates the deployment of industrial robotics.

Martijn Herder, CEO of Inther Group, is excited to begin this collaboration: “The partnership with SVT Robotics gives us the opportunity to bring our state-of-the-art technology live to the US. Starting with our A-Frame, we hope to expand on this in the future with our unique gantry robotic picking solution, GRIPP, and partner with companies wanting to improve their intralogistics.”

SVT has added Inther Group’s A-Frame automatic dispenser order fulfillment system to its Innovation Lab in Norfolk, VA. They plan to demonstrate the technology as a stand-alone product and with other automation that complements the A-Frame.

Unlike other A-Frame technology, Inther’s A-Frame includes the Positioning Unit Measurement Apparatus (PUMA), which travels across the top of the A-Frame, improving inventory accuracy per channel. Additionally, PUMA also enables multiple batch/lot tracking per channel. A-Frame picking solutions perform very well with high-volume, complex orders consisting of small, fast-moving boxed items, guaranteeing the highest possible productivity and optimal material flow, even at peak loads. This technology is an excellent fit for companies distributing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or office supplies.

“We are honored that Inther Group chose our Norfolk Innovation Lab to showcase their A-Frame,” said Jay Blinderman, VP of Partnerships at SVT Robotics. “Inther customers and prospects will be able to visit the lab live or remotely to witness the benefits of high-volume order processing and the flexibility of their A-Frame technology.”

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