Inther Group develops solid solution for Falsified Medicines Directive

As of 2019, every prescription medicine package must have a unique serial number, which is secured in a central European database. This European directive, Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD), is intended to prevent the circulation of falsified medicines. Inther Group has developed a software application that guarantees successful FMD integration and application for distribution centers. This greatly simplifies the logistics processing of medicines.

Verify and decommission in one database

The FMD guideline has a significant impact on the supply chain of medicines. Healthcare institutions, manufacturers and suppliers are now obliged to affix, register or decommission a unique serial number on pharmaceutical packaging. Inther Group has developed the software solution ‘Inther FMD’ to simplify the application of this European directive and thus the logistic processing of medicines. The main functions of the Inther FMD application are verifying and decommissioning individual medicines in one central database. In this web-based solution, GS1 barcodes can be scanned and transferred with the chosen action to the NMVS (National Medication Verification System) database.

Inther FMD Inther Group

Integration with WMS and ERP systems

An important advantage is the user-friendly functionalities that Inther FMD entails. Scanning medicines with reference tracking is therefore done in a clear dialog and the management of NMVS entities is very simple. An additional unique feature that Inther FMD offers is that you can configure which actions are possible, such as verifying and decommissioning, per combination of user, workstation and NMVS entity. The Inther FMD software is installed in a local network with support for HTTPS. In addition, the system works with a safe API for integration with WMS and ERP systems, for example for receiving, picking and packing. From an existing order picking solution, a simple connection can be made with Inther FMD, so that the items can be immediately decommissioned during order picking.

Support for Arvato and Solidsoft

Inther Group’s solid solution has Active Directory support for user authentication. To guarantee quality, the system works with an audit of every NMVS action with a retention of 7 years. Inther FMD offers support for both Arvato Systems NMVS and Solidsoft Reply NMVS. Roel Beckers – Manager Software Department at Inther Group: “The modern user interface and flexible integration with existing warehouse processes make Inther FMD a very cost-efficient solution to comply with the European guidelines of the Falsified Medicines Directive as an organization.”

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