Inther opens new Technology Assembly Center

Last Thursday and Friday, 11 and 12 October, Inther celebrated the official opening of the new research and development center and also celebrated their 20 year anniversary. “We are moving to ‘the next level’ with state-of-the-art conveying equipment, where the delivery and implementation times are drastically shortened,” says Paul Hermsen.

On Thursday, the official opening of the new Technology Assembly Center (TAC) took place: the in-house research and development center (R&D), where Inther now develops and produces its own conveyor system ‘ICE’ (Inther Conveyor Equipment). When designing these high-quality conveyor systems, Inther pays a great deal of attention to integration of the control system, sensor technology and cabling. Everything is designed from the software and installation side. ICE is based on control technology, making each module system a self-contained device that can function independently.

In addition to the development of the ICE conveyor systems, TAC employees are also actively developing Robot picking technology and automatic Document Handling solutions in the packaging process. Every day, new high-tech solutions for automating and further mechanization of the order picking and packaging process are being developed.

Alderman Jan Loonen (Economic Affairs) was present at the start of the construction of the Technology Assembly Center, and he officially opened this building more than a year and a half later. “The technology and knowledge used here in this company, the high-quality knowledge that is bundled here and the new innovations that go around the world from Venray and North Limburg, is something we are extremely proud of,” says Alderman Jan Loonen.

After the successful opening ceremony and a fascinating session by Walther Ploos van Amstel on Thursday, family, friends and acquaintances of all Inther employees got the chance to view the company from the inside on Friday. Interesting demos from, among other things, a Goods-to-Person workstation, an Automated Document Applicator (ADA) and a robot for item picking were given and created a lot of interest among the audience.

Paul Hermsen and Martijn Herder, the founders and management of Inther, fill in the need for further warehouse automation and mechanization with these milestones, given the ever-increasing shortage on the labor market for warehouse staff.