Inther provides goods-to-man picking and packing stations in Changsha (CN)

Goods to Man Inther Group

One of the most powerful and the largest construction group in the world will upgrade the technology at its distribution center in Changsha, China. In order to adapt to the development of the company, and improve efficiency, Inther Logistics Technology Co., Ltd will provide goods-to-man picking and packing stations.

The goods-to-man picking and packing stations are developed by Inther independently. The design is ergonomic; operators pick orders with the help of a pick to light system. It reduces walking distances and improves efficiency and productivity significantly.

The entire system is controlled by Warehouse Control System Inther LC which matches other systems perfectly. The system adapts to various kinds of totes like 1 SKU, 2 SKUs and 4 SKUs. The goods-to-man picking and packing stations can also be used for inventory, replenishment and combining totes.