Inther realizes new DC Varova Fashion

new DC Varova Fashion Inther Group

Varova Fashion is active in the fashion industry with store chains like Open32, Sissy-Boy and Men at Work and clothing brands like Tumble ‘N Dry, Gsus, KOI and Ontour.

To support the centralization of Varova Fashion, Inther designed and implemented a new warehouse facility in the ± 10,000 m2 distribution center in Arnhem. Where the warehouse operation used to be controlled manually, it is now equipped with pick and put to light, pick to cart, conveyors and racking.

Regular store orders (the pull flow) are collected in batches from flowracks using a pick to light system with pick carts. The areas are connected at various mezzanine levels (2 levels of ± 4.000 m2) by conveyors, which are also used to transport the picked customer orders. A sorting lane with picklights has been designed for the push flow. The replenishment takes place from the bulk area using a combination of pallet racking and man-up trucks. The entire system is managed by Warehouse Control System Inther LC.

The system has been operational since May.