Unique collaboration between Inther Group and CIV Maak | Smart Industrie

Cooperation CIV and Inther Group

Since September 2019, Inther Group and CIV Maak‐ en Smart Industrie in the Netherlands have been working together to combine the forces of education and business. “This is how an interaction takes place and how we bring companies and educations closer together,” said Sven Koethe, HR Manager at Inther.


In concrete terms, the collaboration means that students and their teacher may participate at Inther once a week. “We guide them from the plan of action to delivery,” says Sven. The result of this collaboration between Inther and CIV Maak- en Smart Industrie: more focused trained employees with more knowledge of current technologies. “The manufacturing industry plays a major role not only nationally, but also in this region,” said Han van Helmond, program manager of CIV Maak- en Smart Industrie. “Of the labor force in North and Central Limburg, 17 percent work at a company in this sector. The often smaller companies provide a lot of employment and drive other sectors. Six companies are even among the top 25 most innovative companies in the Netherlands. Yet many people do not know how high the manufacturing industry is. Right now, at a time when developments follow each other quickly and we have to deal with the versatility of the manufacturing industry, it is advisable to ensure that vocational training courses are permanently aligned with the future working environment.”

CIV Maak | Smart Industrie

CIV has been set up by ROC Gilde Opleidingen in the Netherlands and is a platform for cooperation between education and the business industry. The project has been made possible in part by the Ministry of Education and the Province of Limburg. A number of parties work together within the CIV: municipalities, manufacturing companies in the North and Central Limburg region, Fontys University of Applied Sciences and the ROC Gilde Opleidingen. “These two training centers pass on their educational knowledge to the business community, for example by training didactic skills in a ‘master companion’ trajectory. Conversely, we involve students in the business world by offering them projects, teaching assignments and practical locations. Everything of course in consultation with the companies”, says Han.

Hybrid education

“The desire for opportunities for hybrid education for students arose at Gilde Opleidingen,” says Sven. This is an education program in which students follow the basic training within the educational walls, but learn the practice of potential future employers in the company. Supervised by teachers and employees of that company. “We regularly receive HBO students from Fontys University of Applied Sciences to help re-engineer projects. Now it was not about the theoretical approach, but it was focused on working on a real assignment in a company. Including making a plan of action and delivering your own product with instructions. One of our Senior Project Engineers guides the students intensively with their project, together with a teacher from Gilde Opleidingen.”


According to both parties it is a win-win situation; companies have plenty of work and ask for many well-qualified people. With hybrid education, students develop into future employees with the right skills and knowledge of the latest technologies. It leads to the development of education, of students and of the business environment.

Employee of Inther Group

Inther Group

Han van Helmond is happy with Inther as the first company in Venray to join forces with CIV. “Inther has a high degree of organization; it regularly seeks cooperation with companies and institutions, and you don’t see that enough in this region. That is an important step to strengthen the competitiveness, innovative capacity and economic resilience of North and Central Limburg. “CIV wants people to experience that working in the manufacturing industry is very attractive. Because of career opportunities and because they can work at companies where technological innovations are the order of the day. “Like with Inther Group,” Han continues. “There is room to do research, come up with solutions together and to devise and create beautiful products. Ideal for educational development in business.”