Unique plug & play method for conveyor systems

Inther Group has developed a unique plug & play method for their modular platform of integrated conveyor systems. Now, integrators can save a lot of time on installation and commissioning. Each module is built, wired, and tested in advance, making them very easy to install and at the same time, more cost effective. Not only is this an advantage for the integrator (lower costs), but also for the end customer (less disruption and faster implementation).

Organizations such as UPS, DHL, Estée Lauder, Arvato, HEMA and Blokker are now benefiting from these smart conveyor technology solutions.  Also, an increasing number of system integrators are seeing and recognizing the benefits.

Advantage for both integrator and end customer

The modular platform of Inther Conveyor Equipment offers advantages for both the integrator and the end customer. All necessary components (both mechanical and electrical) are pre-installed in the modules. The cabling to sensors, power supplies and controllers is also connected in advance. This saves a lot of time on site and the conveyor modules can be commissioned much faster. Sven van den Ham – Operations Manager Inther Conveyor Equipment: “This is really a unique plug & play method that did not yet exist in our industry. Our customers can get started much faster this way.”

Modular and robust

The solid and robust conveyor modules are available in various widths and suitable for transporting all common goods in intralogistics. Everything is neatly finished in a modern, sleek design. Each module is completely built, wired and tested in advance. This modular solution guarantees a much shorter delivery and installation time. On site, you only have to place the support stands underneath and connect the connectors with each other (plug & play).

Ready-made electrical scheme

Another advantage of the Inther conveyor modules is that the cabling comes provided with the correct coding, which makes labeling afterwards unnecessary. This information is supplied in a ready-made electrical diagram. Integrators can implement this information directly in their drawing package.

Adjustable speed range

The common motor rollers on the market today are limited by their fixed speed. The modular platform of Inther uses only a few types of motor rollers that are equipped with a speed range. This allows you to adjust the speed with the existing system without having to make new investments. Sven: “As a result, running a total system faster or slower will be much faster and cheaper in the future. In addition, all our conveyor products are of high quality and we guarantee an exceptionally long life on both the 24V motor rollers and the 400V motors.”

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