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The A-Frame is a fully automatic solution for quickly processing complex orders. This proven technology is used in pharmaceutical distribution, among other things. Inther Group is the only Dutch logistics system integrator to market the A-Frame.

Ideal for high volume orders

The A-Frame guarantees the highest possible productivity and an optimal material flow, even at peak loads. It performs optimally with high volume orders that consist of small, fast moving items that have similar packaging. Examples include, pharmacy boxes, cosmetics, tobacco and small office supplies. The A-Frame from Inther is distinguished by its high level of flexibility. The product channels are adjustable so that two columns of smaller packages can fit in one dispenser. Intelligent ejectors ensure a fully automatic, safe and error free processing of products. A sensor also calculates the height and thus the number of articles in the column, with the addition of a measured ‘indentation percentage’. This is an additional quality check that monitors the status of the items. This ensures that the warehouse staff are properly and optimally replenishing the A-Frame when needed. Therefore, the number of processing errors remains low and the output increases.

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Key features

  • Conveyor speed of 1 m/s

  • Up to 5 products per second per ejector

  • Optional lot code scanning

  • Stack height verification

Fast and flexible

Warehouses have to deal with peak times and various demands from different market channels. The A-Frame from Inther Group provides a good solution to these challenges. It collects up to five products per second per ejector, moves articles up to 1 meter per second, contains height verification, and offers the user up-to-date file management. With this solution, high quality order processing is consistently delivered and the warehouse moves smoothly and efficiently. With the A-Frame, Inther offers flexible and modular equipment, smart software and a compact design.

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A number of unique features of the A-Frame

  • Positioning Unit Measurement Apparatus (PUMA): the unit of measurement on top of the A-Frame (PUMA) automatically checks the stock level/additions as a solution for batch management
  • Video registration: with the registration of video images at the end of the A-Frame, administrative orders can easily be checked with the physical orders
  • Heat mapping: visualization of the use of the items in the A-Frame enables the end user to correctly distribute/spread SKUs over the A-Frame
  • Modularity: extensions to the A-Frame are very simple, so installation time is minimized
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