Goods to Person Inther Group

Goods to Person / Goods to Man

Fast, safe and easy. Automatic, fast and safe supply of storage containers to and from an ergonomically designed workstation. In short, that is what the order picking system ‘Goods to Person’ (GTP) from Inther Group entails.

‘Goods to Person’ systems are available in a variety of shapes and configurations. They provide a boost in order picking performance and result in increased delivery reliability. The smart workstation shows the person who fills the totes exactly what to pick and where to place the item. Inther Group has integrated a ‘Pick to Light’ module and a monitor and a weight check, making the process very simple and user-friendly. Errors in the fulfillment process are virtually eliminated.

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Key features

  • Ergonomic design

  • Straightforward principle

  • Optional weight check

  • Automated in and outfeed of totes

How does GTP work?

The GTP system is ideal for ergonomic, precise and error-free order picking of items stored in totes. The storage bin, supplied via a roller conveyor, is centrally stopped in front of the order picker and the specific pick compartment (with a subdivision of up to 8 compartments in the storage container) is marked with a light.

Pick to Light: reduction of picking errors

As soon as an item has to be picked from a storage bin, an LED indicator displays the required quantity and the system instructs the operator, via light bars, in which order carton the item should be placed. Additional information about the order picking task can be displayed on the monitor. The order picker confirms this action by pressing the illuminated button. Practical applications show that this approach results in a significant decrease in the number of picking errors.

Efficient and ergonomic

After each order picking task, the system checks whether one or more order cartons are complete. To assure 100% accuracy, an additional weight control of the order carton is also possible. While complete orders are automatically removed, the next order picking job starts at the workstation. The storage bins are automatically tilted at the workstation to further improve ergonomics and make for a comfortable picking position for the operator.

Minimal chance of error

Inther’s GTP system can process 4 to 6 orders simultaneously. This amounts to processing up to 500 picks per hour. Compared to traditional order picking, this provides a significant increase in picking performance. This is mainly due to the efficient and easy working method. With position indication via LED strips, monitors, barcode scanners and a weight control system, the chances of error are minimal. For the operators, the system is ergonomically optimized and can be learned quickly. The convenience of the system serves not just the operators, but also the company!