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GRIPP robot piece picking

The GRIPP is Inther’s fully automatic robotic item picking solution. The GRIPP (Gantry Robotic Intelligent Piece Picker) has a wide reach, is compact, safe and processes up to 1200 products per hour, 24/7!

This fully automatic picking technology is unique. Not only because of the large number of items that can be processed, but also because of the flexible and smart use of the robot. Regardless of the shape, the “gripper” can pick up the item. An angle of attack has been built into the software that ensures that the robot approaches the items from the correct angle. This gives the picker more grip and the chances of error are zero.

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To measure is to know

Pre-sorting or buffering is no longer necessary as the GRIPP is able to process items from one storage bin into 12 order cartons. In addition to preventing delays, this provides the great advantage that the warehouse requires less square footage. Also, the robot performs measurements: the weight of the item, the negative weight when packing the item, the length and width and even the height of the item. This height measurement with a light sensor is also unique in the logistics industry. Through these measurements, the robot determines how quickly it can move an item (depending on weight) and puts them in the correct bin where they are arranged automatically and as efficiently as possible.

Key features

  • Up to 1200 products per hour

  • Flexible gripper design

  • Efficient product placement

  • Weight check

  • Optimal product handling

  • Product dependent speed

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Quick and efficient

Inther’s mission is to increase productivity for its customers through intralogistic automation. The GRIPP enables distributors to work quickly and flexibly while saving costs on personnel, ergonomic adjustments and large warehouses. Does your organization work with a bin storage system or do you plan to build a new warehouse? Then get a ‘GRIPP’ on the efficient and optimal processing of your inventory with this fully automatic order picking solution.

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This project is made possible by co-financing from the Province of Limburg