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GRIPP Robot Piece Picking

GRIPP stands for Gantry Robotic Intelligent Piece Picker. It’s a fully automatic, compact picking technology, equipped with an intuitive user interface, which can process up to 1,200 pieces per hour. The machine has been developed with the aim of increasing order picking throughput without increasing staffing.

The GRIPP, which is equipped with an intuitive user interface, is able to process pieces from one storage tote to twelve order totes or boxes. The great advantage of this is that presorting can be avoided and that the sequencing of the stock and order totes has more flexibility. Furthermore, GRIPP can both pick from and put to compartmentalized totes. In addition, the GRIPP is equipped with an extremely intelligent and flexible, customizable ‘gripper’. This gripper is equipped with self-learning software that, regardless of the shape, picks up the item to be picked in the correct way. This is because an ‘adaptive approach angle’ has been built into the software that ensures that the robot approaches the product from the correct angle. This allows the product to be picked up and put away precisely and with optimal grip.

Key features

  • Processes up to 1,200 pieces per hour

  • 12 accessible order/destination totes/cartons

  • The adaptive approach angle ensures precise and optimal picking

  • Picking from and putting to compartmentalized totes

  • Product height detection ensures controlled and precise piece placement

  • Intuitive user interface

To measure is to know

In addition, the robot carries out measurements using AI vision technology. With various integrated checks, the GRIPP measures the weight, length, width and even height of a product.

By measuring the weight and dimensions, defective and/or wrong pieces are identified. With these measurements, the movement of the gripper is also determined. The lighter the product, the faster the gripper can move.

Unique to the GRIPP is the use of the height measurement of the product with a light sensor. This sensor detects the height of the product as it is lifted from the stock tote and determines a height measurement based on this. As a result, the gripper knows how to place a product in a controlled and efficient way in the order tote. This prevents damage to a product due to uncontrolled release.

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This project is made possible by co-financing from the Province of Limburg