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Put to Wall / Sort to Light

Put to Wall is suitable for situations where large numbers of items need to be distributed among a number of customers or stores. Common applications are typical push operations in which a large amount of one item – from bulk storage or directly from the receiving department – must be distributed over a small number of totes. This technique can also be used to sort or consolidate e-commerce orders that have been collected in batches.

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  • Quick and easy sorting

  • Fewer errors

  • Flexible use

  • Easy to operate

Put to Wall module

In the case of Put to Wall, a location is assigned to each customer or order. Once the item to be sorted has been identified, for example by scanning the barcode, the Put to Wall module shows how many pieces must be placed at each location. The correct location is clearly indicated by the illuminated button, while the number is shown on the display.

Precision through Put to Wall technology

Each sorting action is confirmed by the operator by scanning and by pressing an illuminated button. Because this action is directly recorded in the Inther LC warehouse management system, Put to Wall makes it possible to work with real-time stock information.