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Voice Picking

In the case of Voice Picking or Pick by Voice, orders are collected in response to voice commands. Operators receive audible instructions via a mobile computer – the voice unit – and communicate back verbally. Because employees no longer have to look at a barcode scanner screen, they keep their hands and eyes free at all times. This ensures extra efficiency and safety in your warehouse. The quality also increases due to the fact that operators have to verbally confirm every action.

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  • Hands and eyes-free operation

  • User-independent voice recognition

  • Multiple languages

  • Excellent noise reduction


Inther Group’s Voice Picking solution is user-independent. Unlike other speech recognition systems, learning the system is not necessary. That makes this Voice Picking technique a good option for warehouses with a lot of temporary workers. We have now realized various integration scenarios for several customers, varying from direct connection to the WMS to interfacing via middleware.

Inther’s Voice Picking solutions are user and hardware independent.

Quick acceptance

Inther Group’s Voice Picking solution has a neutral and natural-sounding voice, allowing employees to quickly adapt to using the system. In addition to order picking, this speech technology can also be used to support goods receipt, inbound, cycle counting, replenishment, value added logistics (VAL) and shipping.