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Once the items are packed, the boxes for parcel distribution must have a parcel carrier shipping label attached. As soon as the warehouse control system (WCS) receives the status “box packed”, the host system is instructed to draw up the correct shipping label and generate the print file.

When the box arrives at the label printer & applicator, the barcode is scanned by a fixed scanner. This enables the Inther LC software to retrieve the correct print file including the barcode with the track & trace number and to instruct the machine to print the label.

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Verification of correct placement

The boxes are supplied with the short side forward and precisely aligned by inclined rollers. This makes it possible to accurately stick the shipping labels on the shipping box in the correct position. The labeled boxes are then scanned to verify that the correct label is properly attached.


  • Both print and confirm

  • Fast and reliable

  • Tracking and tracing

  • Fully integrated in your warehouse system

  • Hardware-independent