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AS/RS Shuttle system

Shuttle systems or “shuttle robots” provide fully automatic storage and retrieval of boxes, bins or trays in a double-deep storage system. Highly dynamic shuttle systems are ideally suited as a consolidation buffer in situations where sequencing of goods is required. In addition, the high capacity of the shuttle system is ideal for feeding Goods to Person workplaces.

Inther Group offers various configurations of the shuttle system based on the wishes and requirements of the customer. Considerations include, required storage capacity, throughput capacity, type of product and the environment in which everything must be stored. Our shuttle concept design is always based on our detailed analysis of data from logistics processes.

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Extensive experience

Inther Group has extensive experience in the control of shuttles. The entire control and different strategies within the shuttle systems are done via the Inther LC Warehouse Control System (WCS).

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  • Compact storage of goods

  • Immediate access to stored goods

  • High dynamics and capacity

  • Modular/scalable

  • Wide range of box sizes possible

  • Can be integrated in a frozen environment down to -20 degrees Celsius

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