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From the very first conversation with our customers, there is only one question that concerns us: what is the most efficient, capacity-enhancing and reliable solution for the warehouse?

Quantitative analysis

Finding this solution starts with weighing several factors: the order profile, the customer base, the product range, etc. Based on this quantitative analysis and our in-depth logistics knowledge, we make an extensive logistics design. This design includes process descriptions, the IT landscape, alternative layouts and cost indications.

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Own software

Inther Group automates internal logistics processes by providing manual solutions, mechanized systems or a combination of both. Manual or mechanized, in both cases Inther’s own software plays a key role in controlling the processes. Inther provides software for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Warehouse Control Systems (WCS), Voice Picking, Pick to Light, barcode and RFID integration and Material Flow Control (MFC).

Short payback time

Reliability and flexibility are typical features of Inther solutions, with our systems being implemented quickly and with a proven short payback time.

The basic principles for the design of intralogistic concepts:

  • Creative and multidisciplinary approach in which various conceptual possibilities are included during all design activities.
  • Use of proven technology in the modules of Inther LC software.
  • Research into the possibilities and advantages of automation / mechanization as a means to realize more efficient and cost-effective logistics operations, not as an end in itself.


  • Quantitative analysis

  • Extensive logistic knowledge

  • Both manual and automated solutions

  • Quick implementations

  • Proven short payback time