Key features

Inther Group is the first Dutch logistics system integrator to release the A-Frame on the market. This fully automatic solution for the quick processing of complex orders is a ‘proven technology’ and has been perfected by Inther.

Ideal for a large number of orders

This A-Frame guarantees the highest possible productivity and an optimal material flow, even at peak loads. It performs perfectly with many orders with many different small items that have similar packaging. Such as pharmacy boxes, cosmetics, tobacco and small office supplies. The A-Frame from Inther is distinguished by a high degree of flexibility; the product channels are adjustable, so that two columns of packages fit in one dispenser. Intelligent ejectors ensure a fully automatic, safe and maximum processing of products. A sensor also calculates the height and thus the number of articles in the column, including the settlement of a measured ‘indentation percentage’. This is an additional quality check and monitors the stock status of the packages. The advantages of this are that the personnel replenishing in the warehouse are deployed alertly and optimally and the number of refilling errors remains low.

Smart and flexible

Warehouses have to deal with peak moments and various demands from various market channels. The A-Frame from Inther responds well to this. It collects up to 5 products per second per ejector, moves articles up to 1 meter per second, contains height verification and offers the user up-to-date inventory management. With this solution, a consistently high quality is offered and the warehouse moves smoothly and efficiently with the dynamics of the product flow and market developments. With the A-Frame, Inther supplies flexible and modular equipment, smart software and a compact design.

  • Up to 1 m/s

  • Up to 5 products per second

  • Stack height verification

  • Optimal window length

  • User interface

  • Modular configuration