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Goods to Man

With a Goods to Man picking system, operators no longer have to walk to the storage locations since stock totes are automatically supplied to an ergonomic workstation where order fulfillment can be performed. This improves the accuracy of the fulfillment process because the workstation instructs the operator what to pick and where to place it. Goods to Man systems, which come in a variety of forms and configurations, boost pick rates and drastically reduce picking inaccuracies.

An example of a Goods to Man concept by Inther

When the order picking mode is active, delivery totes or shipping cartons will be diverted to the workstation’s put location(s). Storage totes containing the SKUs needed to fulfill the active order(s) are transferred from the AS/RS storage buffer to the workstation in a synchronized manner.

The system then instructs the operator to perform the pick task. Using a light beam, the system will highlight the pick partition of the storage tote, show the required quantity and simultaneously indicate the put partition of the delivery tote. Additional information regarding the task will be displayed on the monitor. The operator picks the requested quantity from the stock tote partition and puts it into the order tote partition. The operator confirms the task by pressing the illuminated confirm button.

After every pick task the system verifies whether one or more storage or delivery totes are complete. All completed totes are automatically transported away from the workstation before the start of the next task.

Efficient and ergonomic workstation

At a workstation, the storage totes conveniently face towards the operator and the next tote in the picking buffer is automatically and ergonomically tilted. The actual pick position is clearly indicated, both on the monitor and illuminated by an LED beam. This enables the use of sub-divided storage totes with multiple SKUs per tote for small-item picking. The actual put position of the item is indicated by an LED bar and the actual pick is confirmed by pressing a button. Real-life applications have proven that this approach substantially reduces picking faults.

The workstations are tailored and ergonomically optimized for a given task. Features like integration of in-line weight checks, LED beam indication, barcode scanners and LED strip indication can be added for increased functionality and speed.

The Inther LC software suite not only controls the AS/RS, but also controls the interfacing with the host, receiving dialogues, and prioritizing and releasing customer orders. This results in a truly integrated system giving you real-time insight into your warehouse processes.


  • High productivity rates

  • Eliminate walking distances

  • Ergonomic workstations

  • Highly accurate

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