Pick to Cart


Pick, sort and pack in a single solution

A Pick to Cart solution enables multiple orders to be picked in one go, thus minimizing walking distances. Furthermore, items no longer need to be sorted into various customer orders after picking, but instead are immediately sorted during the picking process itself.

Pick to Cart

In fact, Pick to Cart is a mobile version of Sort to Light. The solution revolves around a mobile unit which communicates wirelessly with the host system via the RF network to receive information about the location and quantity of the next pick. The items are then placed directly from the pick location into the correct shipping box. Hence, pick, sort and pack are cleverly implemented in a single solution.

Pick to Cart is a flexible solution typically suitable for slow and medium-moving items for low/medium-volume orders (e.g. e-commerce and store replenishment – pull flow).

Cart picking

The Pick to Cart system consists of a trolley or ‘cart’ subdivided into several compartments, one for each customer/order. Each compartment has its own unique Pick to Light display. The operator takes the cart into the warehouse and the display on the Pick to Cart unit guides the employee to the relevant storage location. When the operator scans the barcode either at the pick location or on the item itself, the display on the cart indicates the quantity of that item to be picked for each individual order.

Batch picking

Pick to Cart is especially suitable for use in warehouses where the order picking efficiency can be increased by combining several low-volume orders into batches. Picking multiple orders in one go minimizes walking distances. The major advantage of Pick to Cart is that the time-consuming consolidation step following batch picking is no longer necessary. A batch can be created based on various criteria, such as priority, order size, order cut-off time, etc.

Pick and Pack to Cart

In the Pick and Pack to Cart solution, empty shipping boxes are placed on the cart and the relevant items are placed directly in them. This approach makes optimal use of the Pick to Cart system and also eliminates the subsequent packing process. Once the order picking process is complete, the operator simply adds the packing slip and seals the box.


  • Reduce walking distances by batch picking

  • Sort during picking

  • Eliminate subsequent consolidation/packing step

  • Combine advantages of Pick to Light with mobility of a wireless unit

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