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When using the Inther Pick by Light solution, your employees no longer have to search for the correct pick location. Our Pick to Light system is characterized by a high degree of user-friendliness and an ergonomic design. The optimally readable LED display almost completely eliminates mistakes in the number of items to be picked. In addition, the smart design including clearly illuminated confirmation buttons enables the operator to see at a glance where the next pick is located. If for any reason the pick location happens to be empty, the number of items can be modified using the plus and minus buttons. As every pick is confirmed immediately, Pick by Light makes it possible to work with real-time inventory data.

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Productivity and ergonomics

A quick return on investment is assured when the Pick to Light technique is applied for picking small, rapidly rotating items since it achieves higher productivity and precision. Furthermore, the order picker has both hands free. The Pick to Light system also significantly improves ergonomics, especially if it is combined with flow racks for easier replenishment. Performance rates are further increased if Pick to Light is combined with Zone Picking to minimize walking distances.

Pick to Light makes is possible to pick directly into the shipping carton. With the addition of features like an automated weighing scale, an automated box closer or a document feeder, this is an ideal solution for omni-channel fulfillment too.


The Pick to Light system software is a standard module of the extensive Inther LC software suite. Thanks to the multicolored pick lights, multiple employees can work on different orders at the same time. Real-time picking confirmation enables valuable insights, e.g. actual performance, remaining workload, monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs), etc.


  • Efficiency: 5x faster order picking

  • Real-time performance monitoring

  • Multicolored confirmation button

  • Numeric and alphanumeric displays

  • Paperless picking

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