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Voice Picking

In the case of voice picking or Pick by Voice, orders are picked in response to spoken commands. Operators receive audio instructions via a mobile computer – the voice unit – which need to be confirmed by voice. Since your employees don’t need to look at the screen of a barcode scanner, they have their hands and eyes free at all times. This improves efficiency and safety in your warehouse. Quality is also increased due to the fact that operators must additionally confirm each action verbally.

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Fast and efficient

The Inther voice picking solution is based on speaker-independent recognition (SIR). Unlike other voice recognition systems, no speech training is necessary. This also makes our voice picking technique a good option in warehouses employing a large temporary workforce. Several integration scenarios (direct connect and middleware) have already been deployed for various customers.

Inther’s voice picking solutions are user-independent and hardware-independent.

Voice picking – naturally!

Inther’s voice picking solution has a neutral and natural-sounding voice, which ensures that your employees will quickly accept the system. Besides for order picking, voice picking can also be used to support your receiving, put away, cycle count, replenishment, value added logistics (VAL) and shipping processes.


  • Hands-free and eyes-free operation

  • User-independent voice recognition

  • Multiple languages

  • Excellent noise reduction

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