Box Closer


The best way to seal picked orders

A box sealer relieves your employees of time-consuming and monotonous tasks.

Box Sealer

In a streamlined warehouse process, once the goods have been picked and packed complete with packing slips and shipping information, the boxes need to be closed and sealed. This secures the content of the shipping box, preventing items from falling out, becoming mixed up or going astray.

Box sealers and box closers come in various dimensions and types. Depending on your specific needs, at Inther we can implement a semi-automated or a fully automated box sealer. A fully automated device automatically folds the flaps and ensures proper sealing of the boxes containing picked products, and will automatically adjust to the right width and height in line with the size of the box. A box sealer is suitable for boxes with folding and telescopic lids which are closed with glue or tape in a single motion.

To ensure that the box closer is optimally aligned with your total logistics concept, at Inther we use proven and highly standardized communication techniques and the Inther LC control software. Inther LC control has a modular set-up, enabling a box closer to be integrated within your complete material handling concept via the Inther LC control platform. Devising and implemented fully integrated systems is one of our key strengths.


  • Fewer errors

  • Shorter order lead times

  • Savings on manual labor

  • Fully integrated solution

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