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The Inther LC dashboard gives you a visual overview of and insight into your warehouse processes. The dashboard software is part of Inther Group’s web interface.

Real-time overview

The information on the Inther LC dashboard is automatically refreshed, so that you have a complete view of your warehouse at all times and you can monitor progress closely. Thanks to the design of the software, you can export the graphical overviews whenever and however you want (e.g., as a JPG file). This enables you to download reports and send alerts quickly.

The standard part of the dashboard is the screen that gives you a quick insight into the calculated end time, based on the current workload, and the number of order pickers required. In addition, the system provides an overview of all performance indicators, as well as the warehouse occupancy and the number of orders shipped on time.

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  • Real-time dashboard

  • Monitor KPI scores

  • Reporting functions

  • Available via web browser