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Software solution for Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)

As of 2019, every package of a prescription medicine in Europe must have a unique barcode that is recorded in a central European database. Inther Group has developed a software solution for FMD.

FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive) is a European directive to prevent counterfeit medicines from ending up in the legal distribution chain and ultimately ending up in the hands of patients. Individual medicines need to be verified using this central database.

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Key features of Inther FMD

  • Installed in local network with support for HTTPS

  • Asynchronous NMVS communication with offline transaction buffering

  • Secure API for integration with Inther LC or other WMS or ERP systems

  • Secure Active Directory support for user authentication

  • Supports Arvato Systems NMVS and SolidSoft Reply NMVS

  • User role management per NMVS entity and workstation

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FMD Integration

The Inther FMD application supports processes required for a successful FMD integration. The most important functions are verifying and dispensing individual medicines in a central European database. In this web based solution, GS1 barcodes can be scanned and transferred to the NMVS database with the chosen action.

  • Easy to use medicine scanning dialog with reference tracking
  • Easy management of NMVS entities
  • Easy export of data in .CSV format
  • Audit of each NMVS action stored for 7 years
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