Warehouse Management Module Inther Group


This contains smart methodologies supporting all warehouse processes

The Inther LC warehouse management solution for retailers, e-tailers, manufacturers and logistics providers incorporates all the essential functions for optimizing your logistics performance.

Warehouse Management Module

All Warehouse Management System (WMS) implementation projects include a design process step or gap analysis in which the software package’s functionalities are matched with the end user’s business and operational requirements. During the implementation, there is a natural tendency to leave the design process to the software vendor. However, a software vendor’s core competence is their software product, not your warehousing operation.

This is precisely where Inther Group adds value. With our focus firmly on the warehouse floor, at Inther we advise on which functions to include in or leave out of the WMS for each individual project. In our flexible approach, guided by your needs, what matters is achieving a fast, efficient and flawless warehouse operation for you.

Warehouse management module

The Inther LC software suite has a comprehensive and sophisticated Warehouse Management Module that contains smart methodologies supporting all warehouse processes, from receiving to dispatch. Due to its modular set-up, this widely used WMS system is highly flexible, providing exactly the necessary functionalities tailored for each project and each business. The Inther LC WMS module from the Inther LC software suite is applied as an add-on to the Warehouse Control Software layer. Supporting everything from basic manual operations to highly dynamic systems, Inther LC continues to meet your needs throughout your transitional growth.

Thanks to its modular set-up, our 100% home-grown software is a flexible and brand-independent platform supporting all hardware. It fully integrates all warehouse functions, from receiving, order picking and internal transport to outbound processes as well as other peripheral functions such as stock control, volume calculations, lot control and reporting. Hence, Inther LC can provide whatever functionality you need.

Inther LC is the result of over 20 years of practical experience and in-house R&D. Numerous A-brand manufacturing companies already rely on Inther LC on a daily basis, and it has proven to be a dependable and future-proof solution which is a worthwhile long-term investment in logistics automation.


  • Real-time control

  • Complete warehouse management solution

  • Functionally flexible

  • Modular components

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